A few words from our host

A very warm welcome on our new homepage. Let me introduce myself and say a few words to the background and the philosophy of Namibia Hunting Safaris

As the son of the first and oldest guest-and hunting farm in Namibia, founded in 1961, and possibly even southern Africa. I grew up with hunting. Hunting is and always has been an integral part of a farm to supply 
protein for the family and workers alike.
After my studies in Germany and France and my working period in the German industry for 12 years,
I came back to Namibia. In 1987 then, I made my professional hunter license. After that I spend nine years in the executive committee of NAPHA (Namibia Professional Hunting Association) and six of the nine years as their president (1992 to 1998). 
My philosophy towards hunting which results of all my experiences is as following:

Hunting is not shooting. The key is stalking, getting back to the roots, the instinct to be in close touch with nature, using its elements to approach an animal.
Only a successful stalk should be rewarded with a trophy. We help you to achieve this.
From an ecologic point of view: The alpha breeding bull is not to be taken, no matter how big.
Only once he passed his re-production age and is single or back in bachelor herd, he is an available trophy.
Only in this sense hunting compliments successful game management to the advantage of the species. 
That’s how we do it. Join us for this challenging task. 

Kind Regards,

Johann Vaatz



For 30 years now, we are offering commercial hunting safaris under the name of Namibia Hunting Safaris. With a lot of expertise and careful, sustainable game management, we managed that the game population has a constant growth. Therefore, we just allow a limited number of kills per year and thus a limited number of hunters.

Besides the hunting we offer as well different activities for you and your company to enjoy. 


Horse riding


Game drive


Leopard and Cheetah Drive

activities hiking


Find more information on our main website to all the benefits you can enjoy on Düsternbrook.

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