Namibia Hunting Safaris

Namibia Hunting Safaris

Namibia Hunting Safaris is today the name of the first and oldest hunting ranch in Namibia, Farm Düsternbrook, since 1962. We are also members of the Khomas Hochland conservancy 130 000 ha.

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Geographical position and size

The hunting area is 14 000 ha (or 35 000 acre) and is situated 50 km north west of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia and 90 km from the international airport, Hosea Kutako. The hunting area has an altitude between 1300 m and 1600 m.


The farm forms part of the Khomas Hochland, which is a mountain range to to the west and north-west of Windhoek. The landscape is therefore hilly to mountainous.


The farm has a healthy game population as we have practically no more cattle on the farm ( no grazing competition). The landscape is therefore natural and not spoiled by the view of domestic animals. We think our game numbers and trophy quality for the area is very good. For example in 1998 the Khomas Hochland Conservancy won the NAPHA price for most trophies in terms of minimum measurements for medals. That is never a guarantee and a few years have passed since but that does make a big difference as the biotop as such has not changed. NAPHA = the professional hunting organisation of Namibia. By sustainable game management we have practically most namibia game species on the farm. You can see the the following game but not all is huntable: Kudu, Oryx, Haartebeest, Eland, Hartmann Mountain zebra, Burchell plain zebra, Springbock, Impala, Steenbuck, Blue wildebeest, Giraffe, Warthog, Duiker, Waterbuck, Hippo, Klipspringer, Baboon. Predator: Leopard, Jackal, Cheetah, Brown hyena.

Huntable game

Through still low numbers we currently protect Eland and Springbock.

Not huntable: Hippo, Duiker, Steenbuck, Leopard, Brown hyena, Burchell zebra and Klipspringer.

How do we hunt?

In the morning before we hunt we test the rifle on a target to make sure all is well set and adjusted. After that we immediately drive into the hunting area with a 4 x 4 car. Once we spot the game and we see some huntable trophies we continue to stalk the game by foot. This is the most exiting part and a very important part of real hunting, taking all natural circumstances into consideration in order to be successful.

Shooting distance: best results max 150 m to 180 m or max 450 ft to 540 ft.

Rifle calibre: we have had the best results on plains game with 300 win.mag, 30.06 and minimum 180 grain, better 220 grain. Bullet: soft point.

For lunch (if not too far away from the farmhouse) we normally come home for an hour or two to eat and drink something and there is time for you to relax a bit. With new energy and a tea or coffee we are out again for the next challenge of the day.


We accommodate you, in the rooms of our guest farm. We have different categories from safari luxury tents to 4 star level accommodation. The tents are big and are furnished like a room. Rooms and tents have a own bathroom en-suite with hot and cold water. For the tents it is a fixed wall bathroom. All rooms and tents have 24/7 220 V electricity. (no noisy generator at night).

Take a look at our guest farm website which gives you a good overview of our set-up in general and the different rooms.

Visit guest farm website

All the rooms have the possibility to make your own coffee or tee. In rooms of a higher category ( rooms 1,2,3 and KLS) we have Nespresso coffee machines and a mini-bar. Free Wi-Fi we have a tour reception area.

The main house

The main house is built from natural stone and has a fantastic setting and view over the a big riverbed and the surrounding African bush savannah. The meals are taken in our restaurant but if you wish to be just on your own with your family or friends that can be arranged and is no problem at all. Here we have different possibilities on the terraces of the main building or in the thatch roofed „lapas“ furnished in african safari style.


In case you come with your family or any non-hunting partners we offer 4 different activities during the day. If you look at the room price of the guest farm apart from DBB one activity per day is included for free. Sometimes observers like to go on the hunt say in the morning but prefer to stay at the lodge in the afternoon or vice versa than they participate in the activities we offer in the afternoon. The 4 activities are as follows: cheetah and leopard drive, a game drive, a scenic early morning drive into the mountains or horse-back riding.

Apart from that we offer different well marked hiking trails from 1 hr to 6 hrs or even so called weekend trails. Here you can hike to a shelter in the mountains, overnight, hike up to the Khomas Eck mountain the next day, overnight again and hike back the next day to the farm house. Furthermore we also have long distance trails 92 km or 54 km. In a nutshell: any person joining you, hunting or non-hunting or friends we have many different activities fort hem to enjoy or may simply relax at our pool and enjoy a good book. After the hunt you might want to travel Namibia with your friends. Here we can help you to organise your trip.

Travel in Namibia

Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and only 50 km from the farm, but you are already in the bush as the area has a very low population density. Windhoek is very clean, has a good infrastructure, modern shopping mals, schools and hospitals. Until very recently it was regarded as Africa's cleanest capital. A shopping tour can easily be arranged and there are also very good restaurants serving well known south african wines.

The airport, is only 90 km from us. Normally we pick you and in only 1.5.hrs and you are already in the middle of nature. The following airlines fly Windhoek International airport called Hosea Kutako: Non-stop: Air Namibia from Frankfurt/Germany and from Juli onwards Euro Wings from Köln/Bonn/Germany. Direct flights: KLM from Amsterdam via Luanda to Windhoek, Qatar from Munich/Germany, Frankfurt/Germany, Wiena/ Austria, Paris/France via Doha to Windhoek. Furthermore other airlines fly non-stop or directly to Johannesburg/ South Africa . Here you have to change the plain to Windhoek. Example Swiss, Lufthansa, South African etc. The best have a look at the internet to compare prices.

As mentioned before we can help you to put together a trip depending how many extra days you like to spend. We are central to all the major tourist destinations: Sossusvlei, Etosha or the coast Swakopmund. To hire a car in Windhoekis not a problem, you can easily self drive or a guided tour. They can even bring the car to the farm.


Namibia is a great country with endless horizons and always good weather. You will like it. Clean air, no noise pollution, clear skies a perfect place to relax. It is regarded as very safe and the cleanest country in africa. Namibia has an ideal combination with a lot of nature, healthy game populations and an infra structure with western standards.

If you like our short introduction and it suits your needs just drop me a line with all your wishes and requirements and we see how we can accommodate all to make the best for your namibian stay. I will be in Dortmund, the biggest european hunting fair end january/beginning February 2019.

Best regards,

Johann Vaatz

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